The functioning

Ultraviolet radiation is completely natural. It is produced by the sun. The human eye does not perceive it. 

UV-A and UV-B radiation penetrate the earth without us noticing. The high-energy UV-C radiation is quite different: it is absorbed by the ozone layer. 

This filtering effect has the consequence that organisms and viruses have not had to develop any corresponding protection in the course of evolution. Therefore, UV-C radiation can kill viruses, bacteria, and even fungi. A fact that has been used in medical disinfection practice for years.

In our solutions, we also use special lamps that artificially generate UV-C radiation. We use them to disinfect entire rooms. And we strongly emphasize that we only use ozone-free lamps with long service life.  


With the Corona pandemic, many researchers around the world have been working on one question: How can the spread of COVID-19 viruses be prevented? As expected, all the relevant studies showed UV-C light reliably kills viruses. On surfaces. In liquids. And in the air.  

For the reason that UV-C radiation changes the structure of the virus DNA, it is considered as highly reliable and safe. The structure change causes the molecules to clump together, thus inactivating the viruses. This means the danger is averted. Also, the viruses cannot develop any resistance to UV-C. Thus, UV-C is sustainably safe, even for future mutations.

In rooms where people are present, closed systems are used. These have special safety precautions to protect people from the radiation and thus ensure the constant safety of everyone involved.



Germ reduction of more than 99 % - works reliably against bacteria, fungi, viruses, and future mutants

> sustainability through completely chemical-free UV disinfection

> reliable elimination of undesirable microorganisms - is the highest efficacy, even against germs that are resistant to conventional disinfectants

> viruses cannot become resistant to UV-C

> avoidance of any moisture by dispensing with disinfectants


"UV light has been tested as an effective solution against various viruses. According to an article published in the Journal of Virological Methods, SARS caused by the coronavirus (SARS-CoV) is eliminated by exposure to UV light in the 254 nm range."

" Within a few seconds, surfaces can be freed from bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2. Instead of expensive chemicals, so-called UV-C light is used."

"UV disinfection has the advantage that no personnel is required and no additional chemicals need to be applied. Also, germs are not expected to become resistant to the treatment."